ongoing fight between Shadow and Ghost factions in Fortnite Chapter 2

This week we saw that the ongoing fight between Shadow and Ghost factions in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 2 is actually going to have some in-game repercussions. After two weeks of Brutus quests, players got to pick which loyalty quest to do for the battle pass character, Shadow or Ghost.

Here’s what Fortnite’s own poll for Brutus looked like a few days ago:

And yet that isn’t what happened. More players ended up picking Shadow instead. How do we know? Well, the permanent effect on the Fortnite map is that The Grotto has been “won” for Shadow. When you go there, there’s now a giant skull carved into the side of it, there are Shadow logos and Henchmen inside, and Shadow Brutus appears in there as a boss. With five locations it seems possible that by the end of the season, all five will go to one Shadow or Ghost character or another.

Fortnite EPIC

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What I can foresee happening here is a clean sweep of Shadow taking over everything and winning all of these head-to-head matches.

Why? Quite simply, the Shadow skins are better. The only one out of Brutus, TNTina, Skye, Meowscles and Midas that wasn’t better was probably Brutus (I loved the Stormtrooper ghost look). And despite a poll saying that most Fortnite players agreed with that assessment and would choose Ghost, that didn’t happen, and Shadow won.


So, if Brutus went to Shadow, I have more than a significant hunch that all the other ones are going to as well because the black color scheme for the skins is just better. So I would expect a whole lot of skulls and whole lot of Shadow Henchmen and bosses in the future.

Fortnite EPIC

I am curious what this means for The Agency, which is already marked as the headquarters for Ghost. In theory, that could be the last takeover point, and if Midas goes Shadow, he could take over that HQ and give it a Shadow-themed makeover, replacing all the flags, emblems and statues.

What this means for the larger “story” of Fortnite v bucks generator is anyone’s guess. We could be in for a situation where the end of the season plays out differently if Shadow wins or if Ghost wins. If Shadow really is the “bad guy org” they could say, blow something up. If Ghost are the good guys and stop them, perhaps they build some new landmark instead.