Mystery” Mission Bundle now available in Fortnite for Season 10

This special set of challenges rewards battle stars and cosmetics, including a cool back bling and the surprise Scientist skin.

Completing all seven new challenges gets you the new skin, which is a pretty sweet version of the Visitor skin from way back in Season 4.

One of the challenges in the Meteoric Rise mission bundle tasks players with touching a giant glowing cube, entering the rift above Loot Lake and searching a landing pod in the meteor.

For the purposes of this post, we’ll look at where to find said landing pod.

In Season 10, a bunch of stuff has gone haywire all over the map. Rift Zones have popped up everywhere, bringing back old points of interest and Named Locations that were lost over the course of the past nine seasons.Today In: Innovation

Dusty Depot was the first to return, and hovering above it all season has been the meteor that, in the alternate v buck generator timeline, destroyed the warehouses and created Dusty Divot.

Here it is on the map:

Landing pod Fortnite

If you land here, you’ll find a small network of tunnels. In the middle of these tunnels is the landing pod (pictured above). Simply interact with it to solve this portion of the challenge.

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