Epic is making a strong argument that Fortnite can stick around for a very long time

 died within minutes of landing, as did dozens of other competitors (some of which, to be fair, acted very much like bots) in my particular server. But it was still such a powerful way to introduce the new map to players that I didn’t care. I booted right back into a new round, thanks in part to a clever new option that lets you do so as soon as you lose without backing out to the lobby and queuing all over again.

It’s those little touches — a fast queue option, multiple clever user interface tweaks, and the overall graphical and art style upgrades — that really drive home Epic’s thoughtful redesign. Everything feels fresh, and exploring an all-new island has conjured the same feelings of excitement that I had during my first few hours playing the game back in September 2017. Some of the new features are also hilarious, viral-ready additions — like being able to carry and even toss your teammates or your opponents through the air once they’re downed. Others are exhilarating new items, like the missile-equipped speedboats that let you traverse the island’s new canal system, that truly shake up the flow of any match.EPIC IS MAKING A STRONG ARGUMENT THAT ‘FORTNITE’ CAN STICK AROUND FOREVER

Chances are, Fortnite v buck generator won’t last forever. No matter how popular or how lucrative it is, Epic’s game is very much the product of a specific trend that the developer capitalized on at exactly the right time. And it’s only remained so popular because of a very unique combination: Epic’s breakneck update cycle; the massive amount of money it generates (in turn, funding new features and more revenue-generating cosmetics); and Epic’s willingness to try never-before-seen live events, none of which have miraculously failed or backfired. Eventually, one of those elements will give and, according to the fickle tastes of pop culture, something will take its place.

But after the black hole saga and the new island’s launch, Epic is making a strong argument that Fortnite can stick around for a very long time, endlessly reinventing itself in bold and exciting ways. If you had told me one month ago that a new Fortnite map was coming, I’d have shrugged my shoulders and said, “About time.” But if you had told me that it would arrive the way it did, I wouldn’t believe it. But Epic continues to surprise, and that keeps Fortnite the ever-evolving fun factory that earns it the undivided attention of millions, in an era where attention is the most valuable commodity a company can strive for.

Fortnite’s latest iteration may not be a drastically different game, but it feels enough like one to help it eclipse any and all other forms of entertainment that compete with it. The only question now is the same one Epic is always faced with: where it can go now, and what can it do to keep you around? We won’t know the answer until, yet again, like clockwork, Fortnite pulls off something we’ve never seen before.