There have been hints about GTA 6 possibly being in development

The game developers are typically secretive about handing out updates for upcoming games and that trend hasn’t ended for GTA 6, which is still yet to be confirmed despite multiple job openings hinting at the project being in development.

Numerous people have claimed to have inside scoops on upcoming details for the unconfirmed game, though, with some claiming Vice City could return in the next installment, and others suggesting South America could be our next destination.


There have been hints about GTA 6 possibly being in development, but nothing official just yet.

While none of this was mentioned in a new leak, the developers appear to be preparing a promotional video for something and fans are getting their hopes up, as you would expect.

Reddit user Lissenhereyadonkey hasn’t claimed to know anything about in-game details, as others have in recent months, although they have said that somebody close to them working in the music licensing industry has tipped them off about Rockstar’s latest dealings.

They posted: “A person I trust that is involved in clearing the licensing for music used in movie, and sometimes video game trailers, informed me this afternoon that her company had to get a rap song cleared called Black Locks by the rapper Young Dolph for Rockstar Games.

“Only the instrumental is being used as far as I know. From her understanding, companies only reach out to her for clearance less than a month before the release of the trailer to the public so I imagine we will finally get to see the new game.”

The song in question, as seen below, was released in July 2019 and the Reddit user’s apparent source states that just the instrumental has been requested so far by the developers.

Not many Reddit users questioned the credibility of the source after hearing the record, although they did suggest other things the music may be used for.

One posted: “The song sounds like it would fit GTA 5 MOBILE Online more,” while another said: “Probably gonna be used for the F1 racing update trailer for GTA Online.”

It’s unclear as to whether or not this will be the music used in any future Rockstar Games, never mind for GTA 6, but it does show that fans are doing everything they can to collect any clues they can find for future announcements.

As of the time of writing, GTA Online has only released 0ne Formula 1 car via Lucky Wheel reward drops in the Diamond Casino. There is a possibility that the music here could be used for a future event trailer for GTA 5

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 is here, and there’s a massive new mechanic along with it

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 is here, and there’s a massive new mechanic along with it. Several new map locations in the game are now swarming with henchmen: faceless goons to go alongside the secret agent theme of the season. They’re tough, too: like the First Order troopers of the Star Wars event, they can easily take you out if you don’t come prepared. They’re also the key to completing one of the more interesting challenges we’ve had in a long time: opening doors unlocked by an ID scanner. Here’s how to find them and how to open them.

You may have seen these if you’ve been around any of the new locations: The Shark, The Rig, The Grotto, The Agency and The Yacht. They’re little scanners next to doors or chests that you can activate: if you do so in your standard clothes, the scanner will turn red and refuse you. So you’ll need to employ a bit of deception.

As far as I can tell, there are two ways of doing this. The first is the safest: near each one of these free v bucks generator locations, there’s going to be some kind of small little staging area with a red phone booth. Hop into that to change into a disguise of the henchman featured in the area closest to you: it’s going to be either ghost or shadow. This will do two things: it will cause the henchmen and security measures to ignore you, and it will allow you to open those doors.

For those that want to get a little more creative with things, you can also get a henchman to help you out. Not willingly, of course: if you knock them down but don’t kill them, you can pick them up and carry them over to the door to scan them.


I’m also assuming you’ll be able to pass these if you equip a skin of the appropriate faction, but we won’t know that until we unlock Brutus’s Ghost and Shadow skins.

teasers started on Monday morning with a few cryptic tweets from the Fortnite account

it finally seems like Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 will start soon. As a lead up to the season’s launch, Epic is releasing teasers, just like it normally does. But this season’s teasers are a lot more confusing than they’ve been in the past.

The teasers started on Monday morning with a few cryptic tweets from the Fortnite account. Everything in the tweets is black and gold — the Fortnite logo in the Epic launcher has changed to the same color scheme. The first tweet said, “Transmission Intercepted,” and every subsequent tweet appeared to be some kind of encoded message that had been scrambled.

A head with a skull-like mask on its face from the Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2 teaser images

The scrambled tweet images eventually came together to present a face with a mask on, and a later image of a bundle of dynamite. But there’s no telling what any of this actually means.

Meanwhile, in the Fortnite Discord server, a bot has been randomly “activating” users. The bot is called The Agency, which seems to be some kind of in-universe secret organization working to do something on the Fortnite map.

The Agency popped up free v bucks generator once again on Tuesday morning when posters went up all over the world. The posters had images similar to the Fortnite tweets, along with phone numbers. There are a variety of different numbers, each with a different short message. Most of them talk about agents being activated or about The Agency searching for new recruits.

One particularly interesting message, from the phone number on the US posters, mentions an “oil rig operation” that’s now up and running. In the Fortnite account’s second scrambled tweet there appears to be an image of a large boat out in the water which, along with the oil rig message, could make for more off-shore points of interest in season 2.

For now, these gold-themed teasers are all we have to go on, but there will likely be more teases coming up in the next couple of days, all leading up to the big reveal when chapter 2 season 2 goes live on Feb. 20.

Fortnite’s brand partnerships and in-game events are a major reason why kids are still flossing in 2020

Joe Knoop, PCG contributor: Count me among the Fortnite players who loved, loved, loved what they did to vehicles in Fortnite Chapter 2, and hopes they keep it at a similar level for some time. Getting rid of the Baller, the B.R.U.T.E., shopping carts, and even golf carts was a smart way for Fortnite Chapter 2 to refocus itself on the fundamentals of its particular brand of battle royale. 

Rather than worry about my flank being attacked by someone in a hurtling glass ball from Jurassic World, I was able to focus on getting those precious sniper kills from afar, and move into the next bit of cover with some level of composure. I’ve seen way too many previous Fortnite games end with a couple Baller drivers swinging around while the less fortunate players duke it out below, and I’m glad Epic saw fit to stop those shenanigans for now.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…CLOSE

Volume 0% PLAY SOUND

That said, Fortnite’s map is still ridiculously huge, and I wouldn’t mind more options to get around, so long as they don’t throw the game’s balance into the blender. I think Epic will almost definitely add some new vehicles to play with in the new season, but they’ll likely be rolling them out much more slowly.

James Davenport, staff writer: Chapter 1 was a wild time for mobility. Epic tried everything, much to the chagrin of the Fortnite playerbase. I was a big fan of the near game-breaking updates, be it the mech or the Baller’s initial form, but I’ll admit that mobility was too accessible and free and varied for the bulk of the chapter. Getting across the island was a cinch, which made playing the circle trivial. Chapter 2 brought back that classic battle royale tension you mentioned, where playing the far edge of the circle is a risk. Outrunning the storm is a serious concern, and I’d like it to stay that way. 

But we can’t go another year without any mobility updates, right? I think we’ll see map-spanning mobility options trickle back in throughout 2020, but they’ll be high risk or high cost options. Like the bandage gun, maybe mobility items take up multiple inventory slots, or the faster vehicles are fewer and located in high-pop arenas. Maybe they’re extremely loud and easy to pick at over long distances—I’m talking glass carriages here. Choosing mobility or holding onto mobility options needs to carry the same tension as playing the edge of the circle. Mobility needs to be a major tactical decision over the course of a match, a dangerous choice rather than the expectation.

Joe: I think you’re right on the money. Vehicles in Fortnite need to be a bigger risk vs. reward equation. If you’re giving me a boat that fires rockets or a glass ball with a Batman grappling hook, I want that thing to control like Roach in The Witcher 3, tripping over squirrels and inexplicably ending up on roofs.

Expect more brand partnerships than ever

Joe: Mild spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker follow, but we’d be fools to not mention an incredibly important plot point that connects the two vastly different brands together.

During Fortnite’s Star Wars event, players were not only treated to a dogfight featuring the Millennium Falcon and J.J. Abrams’ digitized, handsome body, they were also treated to a monologue from Sith lord Palpatine himself. The monologue, speaking of a “day of the Sith” and other such revenge fantasies, was actually a key plot point that kicks off the events of Rise of Skywalker. It’s possible to consider Fortnite part of the Star Wars canon, and because of a promotional event.

However you feel about the movie itself, one thing is clear: Someone at Disney, basically the most powerful media organization in the known galaxy, calculated that this was a worthwhile investment for them, to share this key story beat with not only Fortnite’s core audience (something north of 250 million players) but also all the casual and non-fans who would inevitably end up watching or hearing about it.

James: I have $20 in my pocket, Epic. What kinda brand partnership will that get me? 

Joe: So what does this mean for Fortnite? Expect brand partnerships to continue, damn the consequences. Disney has already seen fit to give Fortnite its Marvel blessing twice over. Wreck-It Ralph flashed by at one point. Even Marshmello held a concert in Fortnite. Notably, Epic seems to want to continue investing in “live” events that are broadcast over every server in real-time, rather than the pre-scripted events that mark the ends of each season.

James: Fortnite’s brand partnerships and in-game events are a major reason why kids are still flossing in 2020. Epic can just turn off the game for three days and get a segment on Good Morning America. Epic can call some buds at Disney, make a virtual J.J. Abrams dance in front of a live audience, show a bad clip from a bad movie, and attract so many free v bucks hack viewers that Epic’s login services break across not just Fortnite but their entire client. I’m thinking we’ll see a new branded event or skin promo every single month in 2020. January already saw the official Ninja skin and the Fortnite Icon Series basically guarantees we’ll see more of this stuff.

Joseph: Maybe one day we’ll get entire state governments promising Epic a billion dollars if they do a Fortnite promo for them, like how New York or North Carolina couldn’t stop salivating over Amazon’s plans for a second HQ building. Who will be the first presidential candidate to host a live rally inside Fortnite? Will Bernie Sanders lament how the top tenth of the top 1% own 99% of all the building materials?

Epic Games to launch competitive Fortnite leagues at the high school and college levels.

In January, TechCrunch reported that a company called PlayVS had joined with Epic Games to launch competitive Fortnite leagues at the high school and college levels. Most PlayVS leagues, operated in partnership with the National Federation of State High School Associations, require participating schools to pay a fee of $64 per player, but the Epic deal—which is separate from any NFHS affiliation—means that the first season of Fortnite will be free for all registered players. High school registrations are open until February 17, colleges and universities have until February 24, and the season will begin on March 2.

But shortly after Fortnite school league play was announced, the Lexington Herald Leader reported that the Kentucky High School Athletic Association shut it down in the state, telling school officials in an email that “KHSAA member Kentucky schools may not participate in Fortnite with our partner PlayVS or in any other interscholastic competition.”ADVERTISING

“I want to personally assure you that we, along with the NFHS Network are proactively taking steps to have this decision reversed,” KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett said in the email. “There is no place for shooter games in our schools. This announcement was particularly troubling in that it came on the anniversary of one of Kentucky’s darkest days, the Marshall County incident.”RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

That “incident” was a January 2018 mass shooting at the Marshall County High School, in which a 15-year-old shooter killed two students and wounded 14; four more were injured while trying to escape.

It’s not clear that either the KHSAA or the NFHS have the authority to impose a direct ban on high school-level Fortnite league play in the state, however. PlayVS told The Washington Post that this is a “national club league for Fortnite,” independent of state athletic associations, and will “function outside of our current partnerships with the NFHS and individual state associations.”

“We believe the confusion arose from smaller media publications misrepresenting what’s on our free v bucks generator website, in our press release, and on our social media,” PlayVS CEO Delane Parnell told the site. “[Our postings] all say that Fortnite is a club league. Once we identified this confusion, we took steps to further clarify the scholastic/club distinction on our social channels and issued a clarification to media outlets.”

The PlayVS website also makes that distinction: League of Legends and Rocket League are described as “state sanctioned esport[s]” operated in partnership with the NFHS and state-level athletic associations, but Fortnite and Smite are “national club-based league[s], operating outside of partnerships with the NFHS and individual state associations.”

Despite that, there may be enough grassroots support to impose a de facto ban on the game anyway. Boyle County High School esports team coach Damian Laymon, for instance, indicated that he is in favor of the decision. “When you start getting into the shooter-style games, I believe there’s a line,” he said. “At the high school level do you want to be a part of that?”

Interestingly, the KHSAA does allow League of Legends to be played in esports competitions, but only reluctantly, according to the Herald Leader report: Written approval from principals, superintendents, and parents is required before students are allowed to play. Kentucky students who are at least 18 years of age are legally allowed to open-carry firearms without a permit, however.

Correction: The post originally indicated that the National Federation of State High School Associations was involved in the PlayVS Fortnite league. PlayVS has clarified that this is not the case.

“PlayVS is operating a national club league for Fortnite with Epic Games, similar to its Smite league. Our aim is to offer more students access to game titles they’re already playing in an educational, supervised setting. Fortnite Leagues will function outside of PlayVS’ current partnerships with the NFHS and individual state associations,” it said in a statement.

“These partnerships currently support League of Legends and Rocket League, titles that have been specifically chosen for the high school lineup based on game content. Any school in any state opting into Fortnite will compete in a national club league, separate from their respective state associations. PlayVS’ main focus is providing students with access to their favorite game titles in a coached environment that fosters teamwork, critical thinking skills, and communication.”

Fortnite season 9 was one of the most diverse, yet well-received seasons in the battle royale’s history.

Fortnite season 9 was one of the most diverse, yet well-received seasons in the battle royale’s history. Epic Games seems to be updating the game more and more frequently. Players are often annoyed by the large downloads and space the updates take on their gaming systems. However, with those updates often comes new weapons and items, places to explore, and an ever-changing game meta. The Fortnite season 9 map brought us multiple new locations. Furthermore, it featured multiple forms of mobility: zip lines, the slip stream, the Pressure Plant, and even a few rifts. Mobility is something that most Fortnite streamers and casual gamers often crave in the game.

This article will serve as both an image and video archive, as well as a tribute to one of the best seasons in Fortnite history. 


A Screenshot of the Fortnite Season 9 Map with Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, and Mega Mall

In a live, worldwide event, the volcano in the north eastern area of the map sent large rocks plummeting down onto the land. These rocks completely decimated the areas they landed in. The most popular drop zones affected were Retail Row and Tilted Towers. This event was streamed live by virtually every popular Fortnite streamer. Notably, the King of Tilted Towers himself, Nickmercs, was the least excited by the changes to the Fortnite season 9 map. 

Nickmercs dominated the Fortnite controller scene and established a name for himself by always dropping in the hottest zone on the map: Tilted Towers. His pain could be seen on his face and heard in his voice when he watched his beloved city become nothing but a pile of ash and rubble. 

However, from the ashes the city rose again and came back with a futuristic design. Now known as Neo Tilted, the city’s towers were fully rebuilt and the area looked like a bustling and thriving city with lights akin to Tokyo. 

Neo Tilted in Fortnite Season 9 Map

From Tilted Towers to Neo Tilted

The most striking addition to the area was the slip stream which went around Neo Tilted’s perimeter. By simply entering the stream, players could fly around the city. Moreover, players could get across the entire map in a matter of seconds by simply riding the stream. Players could cover long distances and redeploy their gliders after exiting the stream. Even with all the new additions, it still wasn’t the Tilted Towers everyone came to know, love, or despise. However, it was still a popular drop zone on the map throughout the season. 

Mega Mall in Fortnite

Retail Row becomes Mega Mall

Another area of the map surrounded by the slip stream was the former Retail Row. In the future, this area transformed and became the Mega Mall, a metropolis and futuristic shopping center. The former Retail Row had numerous shops to explore and loot. In contrast, the bulk of Mega Mall was taken up by one large shopping mall in the center of the free v bucks generator area. Again, it was surely not the same Retail Row that players had come to love. However, it was still a good effort by Epic Games to bring a futuristic look to the entire map. Furthermore, the slip stream gave the area the added bonus of easy mobility.

Season One Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fortnite battle pass

With 22 days left in the Season One Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle pass, players still have a chance to collect all the rewards and rank up before the global rank reset and the launch of Season Two. Since unlocking the battle pass I’ve been freaking cranked. But now I’ve completed it. 100 rewards unlocked and collected. What now?

After 834 online matches of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, my reflexes have improved and I’ve ranked up to 155 for the first time ever in a Call of Duty game. I even started playing Gunfight. My 19 year-old still says I suck and still outplays me on hectic maps like Shipment, but is too scared to play hardcore mode and blames the matchmaking algorithm for his losses. I’m just glad the Crash map was nerfed out of the Mosh Pit option.

Frankly, all that war has exhausted me. It got to the point where I was just grinding to rank 155 from 154 and battle pass level 100 from 99 by only playing Infected. I need a well-earned vacation from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. So last night I strolled back into the colorful and constantly changing world of Fortnite, apparently refreshed after that ominous black hole.Today In: Innovation

There are still things to do in Fortnite v bucks generator, especially since I haven’t played the game since Chapter 1, Season I don’t remember. There are bus stops to visitfood trucks to visit and a Metaverse to look forward to. So for the next 22 days, I’ll be jumping around Fortnite, not building anything and hoping I don’t get merc’d before the top 25 at least.

Look, I enjoy playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare but without the dangling carrots of ranking up and obtaining battle pass rewards (and if my friends aren’t online for team matches where we can just screw around and run over people in Ground War), then some of the excitement has been drained. I enjoyed the frequent Mosh Pit updates and game mode changes (and bundles to help fight the Australia bushfire), but I have nothing to grind for anymore (at least until Season Two).

Meanwhile, I’m currently at level eight in Fortnite. I’m yet to uncover the entire map. I still am absolutely terrible at building things on the run (yet, routinely finish in the top ten). But since playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare so much, I have noticed some differences in how I play Fortnite now. I actually rack up some kills alongside my sneaky sneaky methodology of hitting the top ten.

fortnite Chapter 2 may be a refresh of the game, but the challenges are the same as last season.

Fortnite Chapter 2 may be a refresh of the game, but the challenges are the same as last season. A set of tasks is available to players each week, giving them experience points (XP) when completed. Points acquired increase a player’s tier level, which unlocks more content, especially if they have a season Battle Pass. 

The season is over, but developer Epic Games released another set of challenges Thursday to tide players over until the start of season 2. 

Remedy vs. Toxin challenges

Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin Challenges
The Remedy vs. Toxin Overtime Challenges Epic Games

Visit three different food trucks

For this week’s challenge, there are three food trucks to find on the island. The trucks can be found in certain clearings, and they’re a good distance away from each other. For players who want to complete this challenge in a single match, start off with the food truck north of Pleasant Park and head south to grab the other two. Check the map for the three locations and plan accordingly. 

Fortnite Food Truck map
The location of the three food trucks.Epic Games

Visit three different bus stops in a single match 

Unlike the previous food trucks challenge, the bus stops are somewhat close to each other v buck generator. Start at whichever stop is closest to where the Battle Bus is traveling and then rotate to complete the challenges. See the map below on where the bus stops are. 

Fortnite Bus Stops map
A map of the three bus stops on the island. Epic Games

Epic did tweet Thursday that there were some issues with free robux generator bus stops not counting toward the completion of the challenge. Players may have to try this task a little later if that’s the case for them. 

We know that Fortnite is going to have some sort of presence at The Game Awards

I have taken to calling this the Fortnite Season of Silence, as after the blockbuster destruction of the first map and the arrival of the new, Chapter 2 map, this has been a truly bizarre season with little communication from Epic and now a bloated runtime that is extending it all the way into February.

One significant thing that has accompanied most Fortnite seasons, some sort of interesting map mystery, has been entirely absent in Chapter 2. Presumably the idea was to have players just explore Free v bucks generator and get to know the map before it started changing around, getting people guessing at what comes next, and yet finally at long last, that is starting to change. At least a little bit.

There is one zone that is starting to become an active site on the new map. It’s an old favorite, the reprised version of the Risky Reels drive-in movie theater which is currently located next to Frenzy Farm, which is in no way just a new Anarchy Acres.

Today In: Innovation
Risky is not labeled on the map, but it exists as a landmark. Now, if you visit the area, you can see that trucks are packing up the cars and RVs that were sitting there, and bringing bulldozers in to do…something.


First of all, I find it kind of funny to realize that these cars aren’t meant to be people sitting there actually watching a drive-in movie. In the people-free Fortnite island, these are apparently just abandoned cars that can all just be loaded onto trucks and hauled away.

So, what’s actually happening here? Fortnite has been testing a few things in Risky Reels for weeks now, playing videos and I believe livestreams on the screen there. And I have a theory about what’s going on.

We know that Fortnite is going to have some sort of presence at The Game Awards, and I believe that we may see The Game Awards quite literally have a presence inside Fortnite. My theory is that The Game Awards are going to be livestreamed in Fortnite so players can watch them on the screen there.

This area will be rebuilt into some sort of stadium-ish viewing zone, and players will be able to log in, probably to some sort of special, kill-free playlist, and be able to watch The Game Awards on the screen there. Sounds goofy, perhaps, but this is 2019 and Fortnite isn’t just a game, it’s pretty much a social network, so I would not rule out this happening. You’d have to overcome some hurdles like dozens of hyperactive players jumping around or people building in front of the screen, but I’m sure they could figure it out. Picture the Marshmello concert except it’s…a three hour livestream.

Johnson describes Knives Out as “an attempt to combine an Agatha Christie-style

In an article he penned for the Los Angeles Times, Johnson describes Knives Out as “an attempt to combine an Agatha Christie-style whodunit with a Hitchcock-style thriller.” He’s a fan of Christie’s ability to create an engaging murder-mystery with great characters, but he wanted to capture some of that Hitchcockian suspense as well.

Knives Out

With Knives Out, Johnson also adopted the Hitchcock school of thought in the sense that he wanted his whodunit to have more substance than a murder plot and the revelation of a killer. Hitchcock wasn’t a fan of whodunits because he believed they were a cheap form of entertainment, and while Johnson is a big fan of them, he doesn’t disagree with Hitchcock’s assessment. Therefore, he made sure that the characters in Knives Out had some depth.

There are plenty of Hitchcock mysteries episode hack and thrillers that are rife with mystery, so take your pick. That said, one film that struck a chord with Johnson while creating Knives Out is The 39 Steps, an espionage thriller about an everyman who finds himself on the run after being wrongfully accused of a murder.