Motor boats are a new vehicle in “Fortnite: Chapter 2

“Fortnite: Chapter 2” brings the biggest changes the game has seen since it launched in 2017, including a brand-new map for the wildly popular battle royale mode. Over the last two years “Fortnite v buck generator” has become the world’s most popular video game, welcoming more than 250 million players and earning more than $2.4 billion from in-game microtransactions.

“Fortnite” has managed to stay at the top of the video game world with weekly updates that constantly add new weapons, outfits, and special events to keep players interested. Epic Games used a seasonal model to big major changes during “Fortnite’s” first phase, with a major update coming every 10 weeks. However, at the conclusion of the 10th season, or Season X, the island of “Fortnite” was sucked into a black hole for two days.

When it returned, players were introduced the the brand new world of “Fortnite Chapter 2.” Here’s what has changed. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Map

Motor boats are a new vehicle in “Fortnite: Chapter 2,” and you can swim and fish for items too.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Goals XP Battle Pass

The new map makes use of some new features. Players can interact with the environment in new ways, with swimming effects and the ability to hide in tight spaces like barrels and haystacks.

Before you give us your thoughts on the episode

The CBS All Access dramedy — which has already been renewed — wrapped up its first season on Thursday, after weeks of teasing us about which characters would ultimately kick the bucket. (If you predicted Jade, Karl, Rob and Ralph as the finale’s victims, you might want to splurge on a lottery ticket soon.)

Before you give us your thoughts on the episode, let’s recap what happened in “Kill Me As If It Were the Last Time”:

BETH ANN | The finale begins in 1962, when Beth Ann and Rob are first touring the Pasadena mansion. Beth Ann is surprisingly candid with the realtor about the loss of their daughter, and Rob pulls her aside, begging her to stop telling strangers about that tragedy. Beth Ann insists they don’t need a new house right now, but Rob counters that he wants a fresh start after what happened to Emily. If Beth Ann will let Rob buy this house for them, he’ll spend every day trying to put a smile on her face — “the one I fell in love with.” Ugh, Rob.

Then, we’re back in ’63, and an extra-chipper Beth Ann informs Rob that she bought a revolver, lying that there’s been a rash of robberies in town and she wants to defend their home. She’s even loaded the bullets already, to save time in case someone breaks in.

Soon enough, we find out what Beth Ann is really up to: She’s concocted a plan for her and abused neighbor Mary to kill their respective husbands. (episode free gems And she delivers that news to Mary with the sunniest of smiles on her face!) While both men are at work, Beth Ann gets the ball rolling. It all starts with a letter that Mary leaves for Ralph to find that evening, informing him that she’s unhappy and plans to leave him for Rob Stanton, who loves Mary better than Ralph ever could. But more on that in a minute.

TAYLOR | Once Eli is discharged from the hospital, he and Taylor head home, and they agree to make some changes: They’re going to sell their house and downsize for a bit, and they have no plans to include any new lovers in their marriage for a while. (This seems wise. And overdue.)

But when they get back to the house, they find Jade (and Teacup!), who is cooking dinner as if nothing ever happened. Taylor and Eli ask her repeatedly to leave, but Jade quickly becomes manic, refusing to go unless Eli pays her $10,000 from the sale of his script. Then, while Taylor and Eli are in a different room discussing how to proceed, Jade makes her escape; she’s not in the kitchen when Taylor and Eli go back in, and they call the cops when it looks like she’s fled the house. Meanwhile, a different set of cops shows up a few minutes later, looking for intel on who might have killed Duke

almost exactly 24 hours to say goodbye to the current fortnites-iconic map

All the signs are there that this is the last time we’ll be seeing Fortnite’s iconic map in the game, at least for a while, as it looks like it’s definitely being replaced with an entirely new offering. The evidence is stacking up to such a degree it’s overwhelming at this point:

All season long, Epic has been teasing a final event for the map called “The End.”

The entire theme of the season has been a farewell tour to the current map, not adding any big changes when the season launched, but slowly bringing back old areas like Retail Row, Greasy Grove and Dusty

Data miners have found the names of at least a dozen new locations that are not currently in the game when a new season traditionally only spawns 2-3 new zones at max.

Yesterday, a teaser for Fortnite season 11 leaked on the Italian iOS app store, and showed something that was very clearly a new map full of never before seen landmarks all heralded by a “Chapter 2” banner.

So yeah, this is it. The End, as promised.


Since Fortnite’s original Battle Royale launch, the map has itself become a character in the game, as have many of its zones. Players may swap skins daily, but the zones became fixtures in the game, as everyone had their favorite landing areas from Pleasant Park to Tilted Towers. New areas would come and go, but this single, evolving map was a core staple of the game.

But yes, it’s time.

Fortnite v buck generator has added huge chunks to each corner of the map save one, and they’re sort of running out of room now just replacing areas they’ve already replaced once or twice. And you have its competitors out there like PUBG and even Apex Legends that have already brought in new maps to keep things fresh. Fortnite needs an entire new island (if it will be an island) to get players re-engaged and exploring again.

Still, I have a lot of fond memories for the current map. Yes, that sounds kind of weird because this isn’t exactly Skyrim where I’m exploring a big landscape doing quests. And yet I have played countless games on this map, and have written dozens, if not hundreds of guides exploring every inch of the new and old zones. It feels like a sort of video game home, in a way. A violet home where other residents are always shooting at me, but a home all the same. I think most players have their favorite shooter maps from titles like Call of Duty (Nuketown), Counterstrike (de_dust) or Halo (Blood Gulch). Fortnite kind of takes that to a whole new level because every game has been on variations of this map, and it’s core to the game’s identity.

So when does Season 10 end and Season 11 begin? Well, according to Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale, and things are about to change in some very big ways.

When exactly that event occurs remains to be seen. In fact, while all bets have pointed to this coming Saturday, October 5th, it’s possible that ‘The End’ might take place the following weekend.

That’s because Epic Games is extending Season 10 and adding in ‘Out Of Time’ Overtime challenges with cosmetic rewards and a free loading screen for completing each of them.

So when does Season 10 end and Season 11 begin? Well, according to Epic Games, the Out of Time Mission will be available from Tuesday, October 8 at 9 AM ET until Sunday, October 13 at 2 PM ET.

Is it possible that ‘The End’ event will take place when the Overtime Challenges expire? Or will it take place before these challenges kick off?

It seems likely that the new v buck generator season will start when these challenges are over, either that Sunday or the following Thursday, October 17th. After all, Thursdays are when Fortnite seasons usually end. This appears to be backed up by dataminers following today’s patch, with the API showing a Season 10 end-date between October 13th and 17th. Season 11 will be coming out just a couple weeks before Halloween.Today In: Innovation

It would be interesting if the big season-ending event took place this weekend and then we had an entire week or more of Season 10 left before the start of Season 11, especially if that event is supposed to lead to a new map (or drastically changed one).

Mystery” Mission Bundle now available in Fortnite for Season 10

This special set of challenges rewards battle stars and cosmetics, including a cool back bling and the surprise Scientist skin.

Completing all seven new challenges gets you the new skin, which is a pretty sweet version of the Visitor skin from way back in Season 4.

One of the challenges in the Meteoric Rise mission bundle tasks players with touching a giant glowing cube, entering the rift above Loot Lake and searching a landing pod in the meteor.

For the purposes of this post, we’ll look at where to find said landing pod.

In Season 10, a bunch of stuff has gone haywire all over the map. Rift Zones have popped up everywhere, bringing back old points of interest and Named Locations that were lost over the course of the past nine seasons.Today In: Innovation

Dusty Depot was the first to return, and hovering above it all season has been the meteor that, in the alternate v buck generator timeline, destroyed the warehouses and created Dusty Divot.

Here it is on the map:

Landing pod Fortnite

If you land here, you’ll find a small network of tunnels. In the middle of these tunnels is the landing pod (pictured above). Simply interact with it to solve this portion of the challenge.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Update 10.30 Patch Notes

Epic Games has released a new Fortnite: Battle Royale update, version 10.30, and it’s out now on all platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. As you’d expect from a new Fortnite patch, it’s quite content-heavy, with the chief addition being that of a new Rift Zone, the return of an old, named location (Greasy Grove), and the usual tweaks to weapon vaulting. You can get a rundown on all of the highlights below or see the full patch notes for a more comprehensive look at all of the changes, big and small.

The new Rift Zone area is called Moisty Palms, a swampy area in which you can disguise yourself as a prop by simply crouching. Take a look at the video below to see what we mean–it looks like chaos, in a good way. Hitting the primary fire button will take you out of your disguise, while hitting the aim-down-sights button will allow you to look around for enemies. But be careful, as you’ll still take damage if someone attacks you while in prop form.

An old location also returns via a Rift Zone. Greasy Grove appears to much the same as before, but Epic free v bucks generator has hinted at one change by saying, “The neighborhood’s favorite food is now tacos. The tacos here are so good that even their smell makes people party!” Raining tacos will cause players to dance uncontrollably, during which time you’ll be impervious to damage and will recover health at 20 HP per second.

This week’s new LTM is named Knock Town, a solo mode where players “use the grappler to jump around and dodge shots as you one-tap enemies in the air with the Flint-Knock Pistol.”

In terms of weapon changes, the Burst SMG has been vaulted, meaning it will no longer be available in-game. However, the Tactical SMG has been unvaulted, so fans of Fortnite’s sub-machine guns will have something to entertain them. For more on the new update, check out the full Battle Royale patch notes below, via Epic Games.

Separate to the new update, Epic states it is testing a new form of Item Shop voting. The system allows players to vote on what items they’d like to see return to the store, so if you missed that cool-looking skin, you might be in luck.

Where Are The Cube Memorial Locations?

There are two memorials to Kevin the cube around the island, both in places the cube visited when it first appeared on the island back in Season 5. The first can be found on a plateau to the southwest of Paradise Palms, where it originally materialized, while the second is located near Loot Lake, which the cube infamously plunged into and transformed at the end of Season 5. We’ve marked down both cube memorial locations on the map below.

How To Complete The Challenge

Once you know where the cube memorials are located, you only need to visit one of them in order to complete the challenge, so pick your preferred spot and glide there at the beginning of a match for the quickest results. However, if you’re hoping to clear the Prestige version of this challenge, you’ll need to visit both memorials within a single match. Your best bet for that is to start at the desert; if you’re lucky, an ATK will spawn nearby, allowing you to make your way to the other memorial quickly.

You can watch us complete the standard version of the challenge in the video above. You can also find other tips and guides for this season’s trickier missions in our Fortnite Season 10 challenges roundup. v bucks generator We’ll continue to update that list as the season progresses, so be sure to check back for our latest Fortnite coverage.

Fortnite’ Mech With Massive Nerfs Non-Stop Player Complaints

Epic has been determined to explain away their rationale behind the overpowered mech, saying that it was introduced to Fortnite in order to give more casual players a chance for kills and wins, and really, it doesn’t account for as many kills per game as people believe.

And yet, the playerbase at large has never stopped railing against the B.R.U.T.E. mech since its release in season 10, and finally, Epic had to cave. Fortnitehas put a series of pretty huge mech nerfs live, not removing it from the game, but severely hindering it in many, many ways.

Here are the nerfs:

  • Maximum rocks in fornite v buck generator a single charged down from 10 to 6.
  • The rate at which rockets are fired decreased by 56%.
  • Rocket explosion radius reduced by 42%.
  • Increased dash cooldown from 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Decreased air boost velocity by 33%.
  • The mech no longer grants materials when destroying the environment around it.
  • Spawn rates have been decreased in normal modes as well as Arena modes.

There are a couple small buffs to offset some of these big nerfs:

  • Decreased material cost of the gunner’s shield from 200 to 75.
  • Increased mech health from 1000 to 1250.