fortnite Chapter 2 may be a refresh of the game, but the challenges are the same as last season.

Fortnite Chapter 2 may be a refresh of the game, but the challenges are the same as last season. A set of tasks is available to players each week, giving them experience points (XP) when completed. Points acquired increase a player’s tier level, which unlocks more content, especially if they have a season Battle Pass. 

The season is over, but developer Epic Games released another set of challenges Thursday to tide players over until the start of season 2. 

Remedy vs. Toxin challenges

Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin Challenges
The Remedy vs. Toxin Overtime Challenges Epic Games

Visit three different food trucks

For this week’s challenge, there are three food trucks to find on the island. The trucks can be found in certain clearings, and they’re a good distance away from each other. For players who want to complete this challenge in a single match, start off with the food truck north of Pleasant Park and head south to grab the other two. Check the map for the three locations and plan accordingly. 

Fortnite Food Truck map
The location of the three food trucks.Epic Games

Visit three different bus stops in a single match 

Unlike the previous food trucks challenge, the bus stops are somewhat close to each other v buck generator. Start at whichever stop is closest to where the Battle Bus is traveling and then rotate to complete the challenges. See the map below on where the bus stops are. 

Fortnite Bus Stops map
A map of the three bus stops on the island. Epic Games

Epic did tweet Thursday that there were some issues with free robux generator bus stops not counting toward the completion of the challenge. Players may have to try this task a little later if that’s the case for them. 

We know that Fortnite is going to have some sort of presence at The Game Awards

I have taken to calling this the Fortnite Season of Silence, as after the blockbuster destruction of the first map and the arrival of the new, Chapter 2 map, this has been a truly bizarre season with little communication from Epic and now a bloated runtime that is extending it all the way into February.

One significant thing that has accompanied most Fortnite seasons, some sort of interesting map mystery, has been entirely absent in Chapter 2. Presumably the idea was to have players just explore Free v bucks generator and get to know the map before it started changing around, getting people guessing at what comes next, and yet finally at long last, that is starting to change. At least a little bit.

There is one zone that is starting to become an active site on the new map. It’s an old favorite, the reprised version of the Risky Reels drive-in movie theater which is currently located next to Frenzy Farm, which is in no way just a new Anarchy Acres.

Today In: Innovation
Risky is not labeled on the map, but it exists as a landmark. Now, if you visit the area, you can see that trucks are packing up the cars and RVs that were sitting there, and bringing bulldozers in to do…something.


First of all, I find it kind of funny to realize that these cars aren’t meant to be people sitting there actually watching a drive-in movie. In the people-free Fortnite island, these are apparently just abandoned cars that can all just be loaded onto trucks and hauled away.

So, what’s actually happening here? Fortnite has been testing a few things in Risky Reels for weeks now, playing videos and I believe livestreams on the screen there. And I have a theory about what’s going on.

We know that Fortnite is going to have some sort of presence at The Game Awards, and I believe that we may see The Game Awards quite literally have a presence inside Fortnite. My theory is that The Game Awards are going to be livestreamed in Fortnite so players can watch them on the screen there.

This area will be rebuilt into some sort of stadium-ish viewing zone, and players will be able to log in, probably to some sort of special, kill-free playlist, and be able to watch The Game Awards on the screen there. Sounds goofy, perhaps, but this is 2019 and Fortnite isn’t just a game, it’s pretty much a social network, so I would not rule out this happening. You’d have to overcome some hurdles like dozens of hyperactive players jumping around or people building in front of the screen, but I’m sure they could figure it out. Picture the Marshmello concert except it’s…a three hour livestream.

Johnson describes Knives Out as “an attempt to combine an Agatha Christie-style

In an article he penned for the Los Angeles Times, Johnson describes Knives Out as “an attempt to combine an Agatha Christie-style whodunit with a Hitchcock-style thriller.” He’s a fan of Christie’s ability to create an engaging murder-mystery with great characters, but he wanted to capture some of that Hitchcockian suspense as well.

Knives Out

With Knives Out, Johnson also adopted the Hitchcock school of thought in the sense that he wanted his whodunit to have more substance than a murder plot and the revelation of a killer. Hitchcock wasn’t a fan of whodunits because he believed they were a cheap form of entertainment, and while Johnson is a big fan of them, he doesn’t disagree with Hitchcock’s assessment. Therefore, he made sure that the characters in Knives Out had some depth.

There are plenty of Hitchcock mysteries episode hack and thrillers that are rife with mystery, so take your pick. That said, one film that struck a chord with Johnson while creating Knives Out is The 39 Steps, an espionage thriller about an everyman who finds himself on the run after being wrongfully accused of a murder. 

Epic has done away with the concept of public patch notes all season long.

Fortnite has seemed relatively quiet recently, it’s because there simply hasn’t been all that much to report since the arrival of the new map in the new Chapter 2 era.

The new map is cool, but as of yet, there have not been any further changes or “plot developments” this season, other than rare blips like an island being taken over by zombies for a Halloween event, or something small and temporary like that.

But while I can understand this season taking it relatively easy in that regard, just letting players feel out the new map without starting to change stuff already, another piece of the puzzle is the bizarre fact that Epic has done away with the concept of public patch notes all season long.

Patch notes are a staple in pretty much every major video game now. Many games will update a game every few weeks or months and then detail all the big changes in a public patch notes list, often with accompanying explanations of why changes were made. For a live service game like Fortnite which makes changes and balance tweaks constantly, patch notes were a staple every single week.

Now, that’s all disappeared.Today In: Innovation

The last public patch notes I can find for Fortnite are from September 11th, last season, and we haven’t gotten any since. Not only is Epic not sharing information about nerfs or buffs in this fashion anymore, a lot of the time they’re not even announcing new weapons they’re putting in the game like the recent Harpoon Gun. They simply show up there.


I am racking my brain to understand the strategy here and the reasoning for this weird lack of transparency. Maybe the idea is that if people don’t know what changes are or aren’t being made, they can’t complain about them, but if so, that’s a terrible philosophy. You can’t know if suddenly your favorite weapon feels more sluggish and hits less hard because you’re playing worse, or because it’s been secretly nerfed behind the scenes. There’s a reason almost every major game gives out detailed patch notes for major and minor changes these days, because fans really want to read them.

What’s now happening instead is that unless you follow a dozen different Fortnite v buck generator dataminers on Twitter or are Googling articles people like me write, you don’t know what’s being changed in the game at all. The changes are able to be found in the backend data with enough digging, creating “unofficial” patch notes, but you really have to go out of your way to find those, and it’s likely some stuff may be getting missed in this system.

Halloween event is now live in Fortnite Chapter 2

Halloween event is now live in Fortnite Chapter 2, but that hasn’t stopped the fourth week of Battle Pass challenges from appearing. The latest mission set is called Dockyard Deal and introduces a nautical theme to the battle royale shooter, revolving around boats, the new Dirty Docks location, and the increased amount of water on Chapter 2’s map. One of the challenges tasks you with visiting three landmarks: Boat Launch, Coral Cove, and Flopper Pond. Landmarks aren’t displayed on the in-game map, but we’re here to help if you’re not sure where to go.

Where Are Boat Launch, Coral Cove, And Flopper Pond?

Like last week, the three landmarks you need to visit are spread out across the map, with one in the north, one in the south, and one near the centre of the map.

No Caption Provided

Boat Launch is found southeast of Misty Meadows, near the snowy mountaintop with the cabin and zipline. You can find it in the E8 square on Fortnite’s map grid.

Head north from here to find Flopper Pond just north of Weeping Woods and south of Sweaty Sands. It’s sandwiched between Holly Hedges and Salty Springs, at a pond surrounded by trees and a house with a dock. It’s located at C4 on the map grid.

The final landmark is v buck generator Coral Cove, which is located in the northwest part of the island, just past Sweaty Sands. You’ll find it at the end of the beach, signified by the huge coral laying around the area. It’s at B2 on the map.

How To Complete The Challenge

This one’s simple enough; you don’t even need to do anything at each landmark, just visit them one by one and you’ll complete the challenge. You can try to visit all three in a single match or just land at each location in separate matches. Completing this challenge will now net you a whopping 52,000 season XP and unlock another Dockyard Deal challenge.

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against a Fortnite user experience tester for leaking information about the game.

As spotted by Polygon, the developer alleges that a tester called Ronald Sykes leaked information about the recent Chapter 2 event that saw the the original Fortnite map get sucked into a black hole, taking the game offline for a couple of days before it eventually returned with a new map. 

Specifically, Epic claims that Sykes broke his “contractual obligation to keep its secrets about he upcoming season of Fortnite” by sharing details about new gameplay features and the new map ahead of time, adding that the defendant ultimately chose to cash in on what he learned during his stint as a user experience tester. 

“Sykes attempted to ‘give the game away’ by leaking Epic’s secrets and spoiling the suspense that Epic had been working to generate and build for months in the run up to Fortnite Chapter 2,” reads the lawsuit. 

“His disclosure of Epic’s trade secrets v buck generator materially breached his non-disclosure agreement [… and his] spoilers did just what the word itself suggests: they diminished the anticipation of what was to come and the joy of looking forward to it. 

“Leaks negatively impact the financial performance of current and future versions of the game. They tend to lessen the excitement and enthusiasm of a game’s players and audience, potentially leading them to move to other games.” 

Epic is demanding injunction relief and maximum damages for Sykes’ alleged breach of contract and willful misappropriation of trade secrets,

“Forced crossplay on Fortnite makes me wanna kill myself,” one dramatic tweet says

It all sounds fair in theory, but online, Fortnite players seem largely miffed about the implementation. One of the top pinned threads on the Fortnite subreddit for a month now complains about the “forced” nature of cross-play, with multiple linked threads claiming that the feature isn’t fair to players on consoles or mobile platforms. “Playing console squads is a death sentence now,” one Redditor says. “You get insta killed by 4 sweats who can jump all over you and just make you look like a clown.” On places like Twitter, it’s very common to see angry fans bemoaning cross-play.

“Forced crossplay on Fortnite makes me wanna kill myself,” one dramatic tweet says.

“PC players won’t complain, but this is making many console players discouraged and will lead to them quitting the game,” another tweet claims.

“Matchmaking has been irking me since skill based & cross-play with PC were introduced,” another tweet reads. “I want to be able to enjoy the core mode but these changes have killed it for me.”

Louis Valentino, a Fortnite player on PC, admits that he does feel as if he has an advantage over anyone playing with a controller.

“There’s even more of a gap between v buck generator console and PC — even if you’re using a keyboard and mouse on console, you’re limited to 60 frames-per-second and can’t adjust graphics settings that you can on PC, such as disabling shadows and lowering textures/effects,” Valentino said in an email.

These small details can make a huge difference. A top post on the competitive Fortnite subreddit today showcased that visibility on consoles is poor compared to what players on PC can see, merely by tweaking some options.

Comparing and contrasting visibility options in Fortnite for PC and consoles.

Aaron Worob, a fan who primarily plays on mobile and Nintendo Switch, says that, since skilled-based matchmaking went into effect, it has become hard to ignore how much of an advantage mouse and keyboard provide when it comes to building and editing structures. But in Worob’s experience, the matchmaking does actually do its job.

“My squad and I are doing nearly as well as we did before the change,” Worob said in an email.

Worob can, however, tell when he’s up against a mouse and keyboard player — they can always input commands faster, which has lead to more “build battles” that didn’t use to happen as much on mobile or console platforms.

“The frame rate dipping has gotten much better on Switch, and the impact of dropped packets seems to have lessened a bit, but we traded that out for the frustration of fighting against an opponent with what feels like a thousand more input options,” Worob says.SOME CROSS-PLAY DETRACTORS MIGHT JUST BE USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO VENT AFTER A LOSS

When matchmaking goes according to plan, however, even those on PC can feel the heat. Valentino tells Polygon that he does lose to controller or console players from time to time, though he doesn’t realize his opponents are on a different platform until after the fact.

“The only way I can really tell is by spectating after they’ve killed me because the way they change weapons is obvious … you can’t swap from weapon slot 1 to weapon slot 4 instantly, for example,” he says. “I’ve never killed a player and said to myself ‘they’re on a controller.’ It’s difficult to tell during a fight.”

Epic is making a strong argument that Fortnite can stick around for a very long time

 died within minutes of landing, as did dozens of other competitors (some of which, to be fair, acted very much like bots) in my particular server. But it was still such a powerful way to introduce the new map to players that I didn’t care. I booted right back into a new round, thanks in part to a clever new option that lets you do so as soon as you lose without backing out to the lobby and queuing all over again.

It’s those little touches — a fast queue option, multiple clever user interface tweaks, and the overall graphical and art style upgrades — that really drive home Epic’s thoughtful redesign. Everything feels fresh, and exploring an all-new island has conjured the same feelings of excitement that I had during my first few hours playing the game back in September 2017. Some of the new features are also hilarious, viral-ready additions — like being able to carry and even toss your teammates or your opponents through the air once they’re downed. Others are exhilarating new items, like the missile-equipped speedboats that let you traverse the island’s new canal system, that truly shake up the flow of any match.EPIC IS MAKING A STRONG ARGUMENT THAT ‘FORTNITE’ CAN STICK AROUND FOREVER

Chances are, Fortnite v buck generator won’t last forever. No matter how popular or how lucrative it is, Epic’s game is very much the product of a specific trend that the developer capitalized on at exactly the right time. And it’s only remained so popular because of a very unique combination: Epic’s breakneck update cycle; the massive amount of money it generates (in turn, funding new features and more revenue-generating cosmetics); and Epic’s willingness to try never-before-seen live events, none of which have miraculously failed or backfired. Eventually, one of those elements will give and, according to the fickle tastes of pop culture, something will take its place.

But after the black hole saga and the new island’s launch, Epic is making a strong argument that Fortnite can stick around for a very long time, endlessly reinventing itself in bold and exciting ways. If you had told me one month ago that a new Fortnite map was coming, I’d have shrugged my shoulders and said, “About time.” But if you had told me that it would arrive the way it did, I wouldn’t believe it. But Epic continues to surprise, and that keeps Fortnite the ever-evolving fun factory that earns it the undivided attention of millions, in an era where attention is the most valuable commodity a company can strive for.

Fortnite’s latest iteration may not be a drastically different game, but it feels enough like one to help it eclipse any and all other forms of entertainment that compete with it. The only question now is the same one Epic is always faced with: where it can go now, and what can it do to keep you around? We won’t know the answer until, yet again, like clockwork, Fortnite pulls off something we’ve never seen before.

Motor boats are a new vehicle in “Fortnite: Chapter 2

“Fortnite: Chapter 2” brings the biggest changes the game has seen since it launched in 2017, including a brand-new map for the wildly popular battle royale mode. Over the last two years “Fortnite v buck generator” has become the world’s most popular video game, welcoming more than 250 million players and earning more than $2.4 billion from in-game microtransactions.

“Fortnite” has managed to stay at the top of the video game world with weekly updates that constantly add new weapons, outfits, and special events to keep players interested. Epic Games used a seasonal model to big major changes during “Fortnite’s” first phase, with a major update coming every 10 weeks. However, at the conclusion of the 10th season, or Season X, the island of “Fortnite” was sucked into a black hole for two days.

When it returned, players were introduced the the brand new world of “Fortnite Chapter 2.” Here’s what has changed. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Map

Motor boats are a new vehicle in “Fortnite: Chapter 2,” and you can swim and fish for items too.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Goals XP Battle Pass

The new map makes use of some new features. Players can interact with the environment in new ways, with swimming effects and the ability to hide in tight spaces like barrels and haystacks.

Before you give us your thoughts on the episode

The CBS All Access dramedy — which has already been renewed — wrapped up its first season on Thursday, after weeks of teasing us about which characters would ultimately kick the bucket. (If you predicted Jade, Karl, Rob and Ralph as the finale’s victims, you might want to splurge on a lottery ticket soon.)

Before you give us your thoughts on the episode, let’s recap what happened in “Kill Me As If It Were the Last Time”:

BETH ANN | The finale begins in 1962, when Beth Ann and Rob are first touring the Pasadena mansion. Beth Ann is surprisingly candid with the realtor about the loss of their daughter, and Rob pulls her aside, begging her to stop telling strangers about that tragedy. Beth Ann insists they don’t need a new house right now, but Rob counters that he wants a fresh start after what happened to Emily. If Beth Ann will let Rob buy this house for them, he’ll spend every day trying to put a smile on her face — “the one I fell in love with.” Ugh, Rob.

Then, we’re back in ’63, and an extra-chipper Beth Ann informs Rob that she bought a revolver, lying that there’s been a rash of robberies in town and she wants to defend their home. She’s even loaded the bullets already, to save time in case someone breaks in.

Soon enough, we find out what Beth Ann is really up to: She’s concocted a plan for her and abused neighbor Mary to kill their respective husbands. (episode free gems And she delivers that news to Mary with the sunniest of smiles on her face!) While both men are at work, Beth Ann gets the ball rolling. It all starts with a letter that Mary leaves for Ralph to find that evening, informing him that she’s unhappy and plans to leave him for Rob Stanton, who loves Mary better than Ralph ever could. But more on that in a minute.

TAYLOR | Once Eli is discharged from the hospital, he and Taylor head home, and they agree to make some changes: They’re going to sell their house and downsize for a bit, and they have no plans to include any new lovers in their marriage for a while. (This seems wise. And overdue.)

But when they get back to the house, they find Jade (and Teacup!), who is cooking dinner as if nothing ever happened. Taylor and Eli ask her repeatedly to leave, but Jade quickly becomes manic, refusing to go unless Eli pays her $10,000 from the sale of his script. Then, while Taylor and Eli are in a different room discussing how to proceed, Jade makes her escape; she’s not in the kitchen when Taylor and Eli go back in, and they call the cops when it looks like she’s fled the house. Meanwhile, a different set of cops shows up a few minutes later, looking for intel on who might have killed Duke